He Knows Our Frame
Pslam 103:14-16

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


 This sweet little girlie can get just about anything she asks for when she is wearing this smile upon her chubby,beautiful, little face! She is our child who does this pretty much all day and brings one to all of our faces as well. She melts my heart:) But, she is turning on me. She is becoming her daddy's girl. She wants him and his attention all the time now:) He LOVES it and so do I:)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Time flies

 I have had some really hard and trying weeks lately. This has definitely not been an easy pregnancy at all for me but then again, a lot of things are not easy that bring about beautiful blessings:) I am at the end of my first trimester though so hopefully the worst is almost over. Last night I asked our two year old what he thought we were having, a boy or a girl. He said a boy, so I asked him what he wanted to name his little brother. He said "wion" or tiger:) Wow, I sure do hope we have more of a lamb instead of a lion or tiger:) Then I asked him who he was going to look like, thinking he would say him. He said peeps, like the candy that he loves right now!:) I am hoping he looks more like his brother:)

Hunter has his driving permit now and let me just say that brings on some emotions that I didn't know I could have. The first time he was driving us all around in our BIG van, I was so nervous and felt so old:) Where does the time go? He was just my little chubby, blonde curly headed, little toddler. Now he is a young man that I am so very proud of. My kids LOVE it when I am pregnant, well as far as our food goes:) Today we were sitting out back playing and I all of a sudden wanted Sonic for lunch. Sooooo, we all loaded up to go eat something other than peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Hunter drove us all the way there, in our van, with Farah Beth singing to the top of her lungs, Josiah yelling," Wook at da bwown horsies!", Eden screaming ALL the way there and the other kids chating, just totally oblivious that their 16 year old brother is driving them:) I was just thinking if there was any other crazy mom out there besides me:) I don't think my hotdog was worth it. On the way home, Hunter said he had a tension headache from the drive there. Oldest of 10, you gotta be ready for just about anything!

Eden is 14 months old now and is just about the sweetest baby we have ever had. She has just started walking, which is really late for my kids, but she is also climbing on things now too. We all adore her around here and she knows it. I took some of these pictures this morning of her because I realized my camera was collecting dust. I hope to get lots of everyday pictures here again soon. They change everyday and I want to capture these memories now. Before I know it she will be driving me around places, but hopefully not for cravings:)

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Last weekend Hunter, Noah and Isaac camped out in our yard. They wanted to cook deer sausage and eggs all by them self over the fire. They are growing up way to fast for me. My boys are now young men. They had a blast together. The girls were bummed so daddy came to the rescue and made them french toast which is their favorite:) They made a tent in their room and camped out there. Josiah was left out, so daddy made a tent for just the two of them to sleep in. He thought he was so special, and he was so right:) I love special nights like these. We definitely need more of them.