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Pslam 103:14-16

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year

New Year
Well we all woke up this morning. It felt the same as yesterday but someone told me it was a new year :0) Well I knew that it is 2010 and while it may not feel that different I am a day older and we are embarking as a family on a great task. We are going to be reading through the Robert Murry M'Cheyne bible reading program. My friend Brodie says that there are no "snow" days with this because it is rigorous and you don't get behind with the intentions to catch up. Today's reading was from Ezra 1 and Acts 1 in our quiet time and the family reading time is from Genesis 1 and Matthew 1. It progresses this way through the entire year where you read through the old testament once over the course of the year and the new testament and psalms twice. An additional thing that we are doing is we are going to follow Bethlehem Baptist Churches Fighter verses. They have 5 sets of fighter verses where they memorize a verse or passage every week as a church. This years set is E and they will memorize a verse out of Daniel this week and next week start memorizing the WHOLE sermon on the mount from Matthew 5-7. I do not write any of this to boast about what we are doing. Remember it is only January 1. I write this so that you will remember us in prayer as we commit as a family to read through the bible together this year and hide God's word in our heart. We hope that you have a happy new year and that your hearts would be shaped by the potter.

The Hardwicks

Below is the link to the Fighter verse site for this year

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  1. That sounds so good guys. I'll remember to pray for you. Hoping everyone is staying well there.