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Pslam 103:14-16

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Baby Coming

Ok. We know. Our daily blog is now a monthly one. I saw that it has been one month exactly since we have posted anything. The last post was a Treasure update and since then she has done awesome. She doesn't snore anymore and breathes much better. But...

We are in the hospital again. This time Joli is in with complications in the pregnancy. She has cholestasis of pregnancy which causes the bile to back up into the blood stream. It makes her itch uncontrollably and very miserable. There is really no cure for it but to deliver as it is very dangerous for the baby and can cause still birth. It also can cause Joli's liver enzymes to go high. So, she has had high liver levels and they were worried about gall stones. Well the gall stones were ruled out and her gall bladder looked great. Next they were concerned that she had preeclampsia developing because her liver levels were high(ALT,AST), her platelet levels were low and she developed a terrible headache along with vomiting. She has been in the hospital since Friday and has been on IV fluids since then as well. The IV's have helped as her levels are stabilizing (not getting worse). The plan is to deliver tomorrow however because of all of the problems she has been having. She is only 35 weeks so they have been giving her steroid shots to help mature the baby's lungs.

Please pray for Joli's health and strength through these next few days. She is doing better this morning but is tired, especially of sitting in a hospital bed, and she has a delivery ahead of her. Please pray for the baby to come out breathing well and full of fight. Please pray that in everything that happens over the next few days that we will bring glory to our Creator.

The Hardwicks

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  1. Sean - you guys will be in our prayers, along with all of the doctors and medical staff there. Keep us posted.
    The Elledge's