He Knows Our Frame
Pslam 103:14-16

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


 Last night was a toss and turn night for me and baby that seemed like it would never end. I have been having lots of those kind of nights lately. Maybe I just forget all of the negatives of pregnancy after each baby arrives or maybe this might just be the hardest one so far. He kicks and flips all day and night and I have to just laugh at the thought of how active our 10th child (a boy) is going to be:) So with these sleepless nights brings lots of thoughts about being a true believer and follower of Christ,  a wife, and a mother. Not to mention crazy things like wanting to ask God why in the world did He give us bladders that need to be emptied all night long when pregnant:)

  It hit me last night, that I am the only mommy God has given to these precious children, His children. How am I doing at the job? What is my job exactly? Is my job just to keep them fed, changed, clean, alive and educated? Do my kids see me reading and studying my bible, praying and sharing with people? Do they see me humbling myself before their daddy and before them? God is teaching me that I can try to be the best mom in the world, but apart from Christ I WILL fail big time. I am going to mess up almost daily as a mom and a wife, that's a given. They will too, that's a given. Praise God that He forgives us and is faithful!! I really feel the best way to parent is to be an honest parent at all times. Be real with your children. They can learn to be servants when mom is not feeling well and they can learn to pray for you when you need it. I was a little reluctant about calling mothering a job, but if we are honest with ourselves, it is. An awesome one but a hard one also.So, if I am the only mommy they have, shouldn't I give them the best mommy that I possibly could? I don't mean take them to more fun things and buy them more things they want. I mean show them, tell them about their creator and how He saves!!

  I woke up determined to keep this in mind today, and I have. My children need to hear the gospel all the time. I want them all to give their lives to Christ and live for Him. This is my ultimate desire as a mother. Nothing else compares. As a wife, it is my desire to love Sean and to be his helpmeet. To help him teach our children about Jesus. As a daughter of the King, I want to share the good news with those who are perishing. I want to love the lost and the poor. I pray that the Lord will help me, I know He will. He is faithful in answering our desires.
So, are you the only mommy your little or old children have? We only have one chance at it. Hunter is almost 17 so I can tell you it goes by fast. You cannot take years back. Resolve to be the mom that God has called you to be. The wife that He has called you to be and most importantly, the daughter He has called you to be.

Have a blessed week.


  1. I LOVE all of the pictures! Especially, the third one down. You should totally frame that!

    In our sea of love

  2. Joil, you are so right! Our children deserve nothing but the best! I love to hear my children whispering, "Shh mommy is having her bible time!" They know that this is important to mommy! I am just so glad that God is guiding me through this journey of motherhood!

  3. Joli, it's so good to find your blog! Your family is beautiful, and I love reading your honest words about being a wife and mother. And congratulations on your newest little boy! You are so blessed!

    Thanks for your kind words on our blog. And no worries about not knowing about Elliana on Sunday when we saw you. Honestly, I was needing a break from trying to hold it together when someone said something sweet to me about her. The Lord knew how much I could take. :)

  4. GREAT thoughts on motherhood. super cute kiddos. creative banana sandwich. and yes! as to wondering about those bladders during pregnancy. i sympathize with you. :)

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