He Knows Our Frame
Pslam 103:14-16

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Baby's Room

Here I am sitting in my bed early Thursday morning alone. Sean had to leave at like 4 am to get to work. They are having their biggest tournament of the year today, tomorrow and Saturday. Surprisingly all the kids are still asleep. Rare moments like these allow me to jot my thoughts down for keeps. So much has been going on with my pregnancy and with our baby. We found out a few weeks ago that he has a small spleen cyst. They told us it was really nothing to worry about that it would probably resolve before birth or within his first year. Yesterday we had an ultrasound to recheck it at 34 weeks. It is the same but looks fine because it is fluid filled and not blood. We are praising God for this news.
As for me, I have cholestasis of pregnancy. Basically what that means is my bile salts are backing up into my liver and gallbladder and then spilling into my blood. This is poison for me and my baby. It makes me itch like crazy and feel sick. The normal plan is to deliver by 37 weeks if all is going well for mom and baby. The last two pregnancies I have had to deliver at 35 because mine was so severe and my platelet levels were dropping. Looks like we are doing the same thing now. Sean just walked in the room with a coffee and a "grawnola" bar (love these) for me. He has headed back out. I love him!! So, it looks like we will be holding our precious baby boy next week. I am excited but a little nervous at the same time. I know God has a plan in all of this and I pray that I can find peace in it. I have learned that not everything happens exactly like we would like for it to. I have definitely had my moments of breaking and just crying out loud. This has led me to Him and for that I am content with what I have gone through with this difficult pregnancy and will be going through in the next few days as it gets worse.
 My mom and sister came to stay last weekend with us to help me finish our nursery. This meant so much to me as I am in serious nesting this time around. I guess, for me, the more children I have, the more the need to organize EVERYTHING! I needed a place for all of his little things, so they would not be lost:) I am so in love with his little room, which is a reading area in our room. It works perfect for a nursery.
  It is actually Tuesday afternoon now, almost a week later. Wow, am I going to be be busy when this little guy joins our family. It has been a crazy few days of doctors appointments and shopping for the kids fall clothes. Sean and I did have a date night with some dear friends and a few quiet times together after doctor visits. I cherish  those times with him.  Even after almost 10 kids, he is my favorite person to be with. Sorry kids if you are reading this:) I took some pictures of the baby's little space today. Almost every picture looks crooked for some reason. I can promise you though that everything hanging on the wall is straight, even measured out perfectly by Sean:) I love his sign Sean made for me. I put the words on but he did the big job of making it from scratch. Hunter made the book self for me out of an old pallet from Sean's golf course. Isaac helped me white wash it and the little kids helped find some books to put in it:) Sean Peyton made the cross stitch of the sheep hanging by the M. Can't tell you what that stands for yet:) I love his simple crib. Clean and cozy looking.  I got our changing table  at a thrift store for a great price. So here is my little guy's space of his own. Hopefully we will be introducing him soon !



  1. Your nursery is precious. Everything is so sweet and simple. And homemade, which is even more special! I just adore your family, Joli. Prayers for a healthy baby boy and mommy.

  2. His room is just precious! I love the way you all are working together to get ready baby M. I can't wait to see pics of this little one! I will pray for a quick delivery and healthy baby and mommy!