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Pslam 103:14-16

Thursday, August 12, 2010

First Week of Homeschool

We started our school year off with excitement on Monday.. Every child had his or her new books and supplies ready and organized. We even made an area upstairs our school room. I always love the first month of school. We are all so neat and orderly. We will see how long that last:) Farah Beth was so excited to start her "pee cool" in her "pwetty bwue dwess".
 Treasure is in Kindergarten this year. I am so happy to be spending more one on one time with this sweet girlie. In a big family, she gets lost sometimes because she is just too good! Anna Grace is 1st grade but I think we need to move her up already. She is so smart and listens so well.

 Noah and Isaac are 4th grade, which they say is SOOOOO much harder than 3rd:) They have read more this week than they have in all the past put together. My sweet Peyton is 7th grade but honestly, this child could be running a home all by herself and much more! She is a very hard worker and does it with joy.  

Hunter has started a few of his subjects but he is going to be going to Veritas Classical School for homeschoolers one day a week this year and the other days he will be home working really hard I am sure. He is in the 10th grade now, so way over my head:-) As for Josiah and Eden, they are playing or eating all day long now. They seem to be right in the middle of all the learning.


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