He Knows Our Frame
Pslam 103:14-16

Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Birthday

Sunday was Sean's 40th birthday. I sure do love this old man:) He was out swinging like a little kid that afternoon. I thought I better take a picture. While we were praying over him that night, One of the children thanked God for a daddy who is an awesome example and who loves mommy and them. I couldn't agree more. I looked up at Sean, who had 20 hands all over him, and saw tears running down his face. This man IS an awesome example to our children and to me. I am so thankful to God for giving Sean 40 years and giving me almost 18 years with him. I look forward to time alone with just him this coming weekend:) We are staying at a bed and breakfast down town, taking a carriage ride, eating at any restaurant other than fast food, and just walking around. Hopefully I can take lots of pictures of our time together.
  What a hard job trying to light all those candles:) And then blowing them all out!:)
I love Josiah's shoes, or rather one of Farah Beth's boots.
        Farah Beth helping me make Valentines candy for our family.
   Everyone licking the bowl when they realized what was being made:) This is my normal little group of kitchen helpers. They love to bake and taste everything.
  I am just kidding about him being old, he knows that. Sean is anything but old:) He is always out doors playing with the children. He is simply the BEST!


  1. Happy Birthday Brother! You are a great example of a husband and father. ENJOY the wife of your youth next weekend. That should be a very fun and relaxing time together!

    God Bless
    Matt, Ashley, Lilly, Asher, Baby#3

  2. I wonder who gave you that awesome carriage ride present??!!! Happy Birthday Mr. Hardwick from all the McKoys!