He Knows Our Frame
Pslam 103:14-16

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cute Face

I had a lady ask me today, while we were shopping, if girls were easier than boys:) She said her and her husband were going to try for a girl next. I stood there laughing, not knowing how to reply, until I remembered that I am not suppose to lie ever:) Yes!! I told her the truth at least at our house, but that's ok because boys sure do add some excitement to our lives:) Josiah is such a sweet boy but he can also be really mean to his sisters. Lots of training around our house. Lots of diligence. Lots of patience. And lots of prayers! I sure could eat his messy, cute, chubby face all day long though. Maybe that is why he is so rotten!

 Josiah's smitten mommy,

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  1. Lovely picture! I am thrilled with a baby girl after three boys. But I surely can't imagine life without my little men, and it's okay by me if they take a little extra work now. One day they will be watching out for me and I will be counting my blessings in ways that I don't even understand now.