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Monday, February 14, 2011

Our Love Story

Well, let me first start by saying that I am not really a romantic, although I wish I was. Maybe when all the kids are grown and out of the house, that will be our new goal as a married couple:) I have seen a few love stories on different friends blogs and thought it was so beautiful to write about your love! So I will try and put in words our story of how we met and fell in love:)

I had just turned 19, Sean was 22. It was in the fall of 1993 that I found myself working at the Ryan's restaurant waiting tables. I had just graduated from high school and had moved out of my parents home to the beach with my girlfriend. After a long day of waiting tables one October day, a friend who I worked with asked if I could work for her that night. She was supposed to go around to tables and do surveys but had an emergency come up and needed to head home. I offered to do it, totally God because I was so tired and did not feel like working all night. I rushed home to change my clothes into something dressy and headed back to work.

Sean, was back in Myrtle Beach from USC where he had been at college playing baseball. He was now the pitching coach at Coastal Carolina. He was living at the beach with his room mate Rick. They came to Ryan's to eat the night I was doing surveys:) I remember two guys, one tall and dark and the other tall and very blond taking a very long time to complete my survey that I gave to them to fill out. Now I know why; Sean was shy. Can you believe that?  Well, they finally left. I went to get the clip board with the survey on it that they had filled out. I gave it to my boss who was looking over them all. He called me over and showed me that I had a note with a telephone number on it with the name Sean.  I knew it had to be one of the guys, the tall dark one or the tall blond one, who had left it, because everyone else that night were old golfers:)

 So, I did what any respectable young girl would do, I called him:) I had to ask him which guy he was. I was so hoping he was the tall blond because he was so handsome. He told me that he had played baseball at USC and was now the coach at Coastal.  How could I not go out with this guy? My dad was sooooo excited when I asked if I should go on a date with him. Well, he did ask me out and I accepted. He took me to an Italian restaurant and to play pool. I fell in love that night! He was so good looking, and so sweet!! We were together everyday after that.

I am so thankful that God gave me Sean.We were married the following summer. He is the best husband that I ever could have asked for. God worked all of the details out in our meeting. I love Sean more and more everyday after almost 17 years of marriage. After my love for Jesus, he is next. He is my best friend and the best daddy to our children. We both love children and lots of them:) We have had our rough times, our selfish times, but for the most part we have had an incredible marriage. Only because of Jesus could this be! I pray that we have many more years to love each other! I love our story and just writing it out makes me feel giddy and ready for him to come home from work today:)

Now Sean's Turn:

I was in my first year as a pitching coach at Coastal Carolina and it was in the early fall.  As most people in baseball know, college baseball has fall practices but no games so not as much time is consumed by the sport.  Well my room mate and I went out to eat at Ryan's Steakhouse for supper and as soon as I walked in the door, I SAW HER.  You had to walk into two double doors and the cash registers were straight ahead as the pay line snaked to the right.  Joli was standing by the cash registers talking to someone who worked there and I was snake bitten from the start.  She had a black blouse on with a red and black plaid skirt.  She was very tan and had long brown hair that was and still is shiny and beautiful.  We sat down and I couldn't help but stare at her.  Something told me inside that I was going to marry that girl one day.  I don't know why I knew this and Joli can attest that I have said that since we met.  I just knew that I knew that I knew, she was the one I would spend the rest of my life with.  Well, she came over to our table and asked us if we would fill out a survey and of course I couldn't say a whole lot because I was just about speechless, but I did say that I would.  She came back several times to see if we were finished but I think I took my time to make sure she kept coming back.  In the mean time, I wrote my name and telephone number on a napkin and slipped it under the survey.  I wasn't even bold enough to give it to her personally.  Well we finished our meal and got up and left.  I think we left the surveys and clipboard on the table without saying bye ( I was a chicken:))  Lo and behold, and only because God ordained it, she CALLED!  Now I never had left my name on a napkin for anyone and I don't know other than that it was God that I did it this time.  But she called!  I was so excited and nervous and asked her out on a date.  As she said, there were very few times that we were apart after that except for being away on a road trip with baseball.  We were married July 02,1994 at a golf club (who knew that is what I would end up doing for a living) in Little River.  I have been so blessed of God to have this woman as my wife.  She is a crown!

Pro 18:22 says, "He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the LORD. "  This is so true in my life.  Apart from Christ I have found no greater favor than the wife that has been given to me by God.  I love her with all my heart and my children are blessed with a godly mother.  Joli, I can't wait for our night together at the B and B in Charleston later this month!

Love Sean

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  1. Hey, thanks for taking on my challenge guys, such a sweet story! I loved reading it from both sides!