He Knows Our Frame
Pslam 103:14-16

Thursday, February 3, 2011


 Isaac Carter turned the big 10 on January 13:) Can I just say that I am getting old really fast, because it seems like just yesterday he was born. We couldn't imagine our lives without this boy. I found out I was pregnant with him when Noah was just four months old. We were so excited! God has truly blessed us with him:) Here are 10 things about Isaac.
1. His name means laughter and he brings it here all day!!
2. He is a little genius! So smart but he doesn't have any common sense.
3. He loves to cook and just hang out in the kitchen.
4. He is a talker!! and often an interrupter to get his talking fix:)
5. He LOVES people.
6. He is learning to play his guitar that he got for his birthday.
7. He has the most amazing eyes and eyelashes for a boy:)
8. He could read at the age of 4 but hates to do so. The book can't carry on a conversation with him:)
9. He would live outside if we would let him.
10. He wants to be a missionary doctor when he grows up.
   We love you Isaac!!

Mom and Dad


  1. Happy Birthday Isaac from the Gochnauers!!

    Matt, Ashley, Lilly, Asher, and Baby #3

  2. #11...Isaac has the best face to eat!